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Head of Production, 495 Productions


Courtney Norris at Bespoke Travel is one of the hardest working individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She works tirelessly to find the perfect housing both big and small for the price within your budget. If she cant find it chances are it doesn’t exist. 


Director & Writer

Bespoke Travel is just that. Courtney creates a very personal travel experience and to top it all off, she even sends chocolate truffles to your hotel room!


Original Member, The Temptations

Running a successful tour entails many components. A major one is having an excellent travel agent that understands all aspects and intricate needs of our tour. Well Bespoke travel is ours. Since 2015 we’ve trusted Bespoke Travel with our air/hotel/and tour bus needs and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you Courtney & Hannah.


Daytime Emmy Award Nominated Television Director

I have used the services of Bespoke Travel LLC several times and have been impressed by their attention to detail and capacity to offer rates with inclusions. Their ability to connect with the client and understand their needs is truly impressive. I highly recommend their services.

Courtney is such an amazing asset to our company and truly a brand ambassador for our Protravel/Global Travel Collection brands!  When her valued clients need Courtney to "work her magic" for them, Courtney has all the right supplier contacts to "make it happen"!

Bespoke Travel was able to facilitate flights, car service and hotels for the talent and entire crew during production. My PAs didn’t have to lift a finger and this was essential!


Vice President, Advisor and Partner Engagemnet, Global Travel Collection




Co-Executive Producer, 495 Productions

Courtney is our first call when we are setting up a shoot to provide on-site accommodations. Along with finding the best options, she makes the process easy, enjoyable and always makes you feel like you are top priority!

I was quite pleased on my first business with Bespoke Travel LLC.  They handled all of my travel plans, beat the prices I had been quoted, and managed to improve the accommodations! It was all done quickly and professionally: no hassle, no drama.

Courtney is by far the most savvy Travel Manager I have worked with.  In my 10 years of experience, there has never been a person who handles both sides of the sourcing process as professionally and knowledgably as Courtney does.  She has a thorough understanding of the Production’s needs and streamlines communication to the appropriate people to ensure those needs are met and exceeded. 


President, Elite CIS


Senior Sales Executive, Marriott


President, ExactTarget

To those who would strive for excellence, let be known. My experience with Courtney Norris has been nothing short of amazing.  When Courtney came to work for me in Omni Hotels, in her very first year out of college she earned the Sales Manager of the Year award for Omni Hotels through an amazing effort and intense tenacity.  Courtney is a strong and driven woman who has continued to exceed my expectations and those of everyone she comes in contact with!  

Courtney is an absolute pleasure to work with and always looks out for the best interest of everyone involved. By far the best Entertainment Travel Specialist I've ever worked with!

I am so proud that Bespoke Travel LLC is associated with our company.  Courtney runs an amazing business.


Production Supervisor, 495 Productions


President, Global Travel Collection

I appreciate that Bespoke Travel LLC is always responsive and service oriented.   Good service is always appreciated and unfortunately unique.  I also appreciate that they use their connections and resources to provide me options that are significantly less expensive than anything I could find on my own.  My time is valuable and I trust they have my best interest at heart when planning trips for me. 


Senior Managing Director, Savills

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