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Entertainment Travel

Bespoke Travel LLC is a premium travel consulting service, specializing in television, film, theatrical, commercial and music production travel and related services for all budgets. 


    Our Process:

  • Flights (Commercial & Private)

  • Hotels & Villas for Crew and Talent

  • Equipment Storage, Green Screen, Office, Wardrobe, etc.

  • Car Service & Rentals (Cars/Trucks/Vans)

  • After-Hour Assistance

Share your project details and travel needs, and we’ll take it from there.  From hotel research, fielding follow up calls, providing significant savings to your bottom line, reduced guarantees and value-added services (i.e. discounts, comps, tax credits, waived fees, bonus amenities, and more), we’ll save you valuable time and money with one simple phone call!


  • Identify location and project requirements

  • Research properties that fit your specifications

  • Provide summary of hotel proposals

  • Field hotel and vendor follow up calls

  • Coordinate scouts (when necessary)

  • Negotiate favorable rates, concessions, and contractual clauses

  • Facilitate introduction to on-site hotel contact

  • Available throughout the process for any questions, concerns or challenges


With years of invaluable hotel and entertainment travel industry experience, we will easily guide you through the process while you focus your expertise on what you do best!

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