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Leisure Travel FAQs

Q: Why Bespoke Travel? 

A: Our goal is to make your travels a success, while saving you the precious commodity of time. With extensive experience, industry knowledge and exclusive relationships, we’re able to provide exceptional assistance with your travel design. 

Q: Why would I need a travel agent when its easier and faster than ever to book the same trip online?

A: You can certainly book a trip yourself, but it will not be the same trip that you’ll get with Bespoke Travel. The internet can be a great place to research experiences and gather information for travel ideas, but it is our passion understand and assist our client’s desires. When booking yourself, you’re just another reservation, but with our superior network we make a point of making sure the hotel knows you’re coming and are treated as VIPs.

Q: Do travel agents steer you to where they get a higher commission?

A: This is not a characteristic you’ll find in a good agent.  We wouldn't have any repeat clients if we did that. Better yet, once we build relationships with our clients and know their preferences, we are able to find a good match.  Otherwise, we could be getting a larger commission but they wouldn't be our client for long!

Q: How is Bespoke Travel paid?

A:   Hotels compensate us on a commission basis. Based on our experience and strong relationships with hotels worldwide, we secure great rates and overall packages that are unaffected by commissions. Fees apply to individual travel itinerary planning, flight bookings and other additional services provided by Bespoke Travel.


Q: Do travel agents charge surcharges and fees on top of the price?

A: Some certainly do. Travel agents get paid on commission by hotels and resorts, but many more are charging fees on top of that because of their time. Putting together an itinerary, particularly one involving a complicated trip, like a safari, or booking multiple tickets and transfers for an extended family vacation, is a lot of work. Charging a fee is compensation for the additional time and effort put into creating a complex itinerary.

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