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Entertainment Travel FAQs

Q: Why Bespoke Travel? 

A: A: Our goal is to make your travels a success, while saving you the precious commodity of time. With extensive experience, industry knowledge and exclusive relationships, we’re able to provide exceptional assistance with your travel design. 

Q: What is entailed in Production and Group Travel assistance?

A: We research locations and availability on your behalf and present options for your feedback. Hotels usually require a contract for groups of 10+ guest rooms per night. By understanding your needs couple with our experience in hotel operations, we secure the best negotiated rates, concessions and contractual clauses, providing a stress free experience.

Q: May I use Bespoke Travel services and still search for hotels myself?

A: This is not recommended. A false sense of demand is created when hotels receive multiple inquires for the same dates, possibly resulting in higher rates. If you find a property you would like to inquire, we can reach out on your behalf. Please advise if any properties have been contacted prior to our involvement in order to eliminate confusion.

Q: How is Bespoke Travel paid?

A:   Hotels compensate us on a commission basis for groups of 10+ guest rooms per night. Based on our experience and strong relationships with hotels worldwide, we secure great rates and overall packages that are unaffected by commissions. Fees apply to searches that do not result in a booking.


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