My Girlfriendships®️

My Girlfriendships ®️ is a brand created to deepen and strengthen friendships between women of all ages, experiences, and backgrounds. Growing up, Founder, Lisa Najarian, found comfort in her girlfriendships and through tough childhood and adolescent experiences, those girlfriends became her anchors, support and 'guides in life’. Lisa’s story and the bonds with her girlfriends are the foundation on which she built My Girlfriendships ®️. She believes in order to sustain healthy relationships, we must invest quality time with one another. The best place to do that is on a girls trip! Together, we want to help you plan the best trip to strengthen your girlfriendships.  


Bespoke Travel offers a wide variety of services, from simple bookings to customized, full itineraries. Courtney and Hannah genuinely take the time to discover your unique travel personality. Utilizing their 25 plus years of experience and expertise in the industry, they will exceed your expectations to create amazing trips for you and your besties! From hanging in a hammock on the coast of California to exploring the lush jungles of Costa Rica, My Girlfriendships ®️ together with Bespoke Travel is your go-to for your much needed trip away with your girlfriends. 

Listen to the My Girlfriendships®️ "Friendship Fizz with Loopie and Liz" Podcast here!


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